Have you ever come up short? The bills come in and you don’t have enough to pay them? You have a quota to meet at work for sales and you just can’t get seem to get there? You have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight and you can’t break through that certain barrier? 

Well, the problem is not with what you’ve got. The problem is not that you don’t have enough. The problem is you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

When you hit a 10 foot wall and all you have is shovel you usually start digging, right? Well unfortunately this time you have run into a wall that has a concrete floor under it and you can’t dig your way out of this one. What do you do? Try digging anyways? All you’re going to do is break your shovel. This time you will have to get creative but you still only have a shovel. It seems like that’s not enough to solve the problem, right? Wrong. Take a minute before going on and reevaluate your shovel and the problem in front of you. What could you do differently this time? 

Well? Did you solve the problem? I came up with one solution, but I’m sure there are many creative ideas out there. I would take the shovel and use the bottom edge as a hook to reach the top of the 10 foot wall. Then I would simply pull myself up and over the wall. Come to find out, this was easier and quicker than digging under the wall like I’ve always done. 

Many times when we hit a wall we just give up and say there’s nothing I can do about it with the resources at my disposal. The resources are not the problem. The amount of determinatoon and creativity is the real problem. Never give up! There is always a solution and if you don’t find it, be sure that your competition will.